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Random Thoughts: #109

1. If doing a presentation, make it as short as possible, make it funny.

3. Wish travel was cheaper. Or I had more money. Either would get it done.

5. "Our minds were not made to contemplate evil at great length. We inevitably protect ourselves by distorting and tempering. The mere process of trying to understand becomes a process of taming, of compacting. It is an attempt at intellectual anesthesia lest we be overwhelmed and brought to too much grief. Still, we must find courage to face in peace and comfort what others have endured at the knife-edge of history. We dishonor those who suffer by retreating from their sickening truth and we shame ourselves in the process. An unswerving gaze upon history’s atrocities is the best guarantee that those atrocities will not be repeated."

--Stephen Mansfield, The Miracle of The Kurds