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Camping In Saudi Arabia

By: Sterling Terrell

[This is part of the series: A List of Things I Remember About Living In Saudi Arabia.]

I remember going camping in Saudi Arabia.

See, we had a Boy Scout Troop on the compound that I was a part of, and we did all kinds of things trying to earn coveted little nylon patches.

After a seven hour drive into the desert (I think we got lost for a while), I remember camping beside and hiking down into a giant crater.

There was a little spring oasis about halfway down the path.

At night by the crater, I remember a heard of camels coming by our tent. I heard something, poked my head out of the tent flap, and a few camels was standing not 30 yards away. The rest of the heard was maybe 100 yards away.

Once we drove to the beach outside of Jeddah and camped beside the Red Sea.

I tried my hand at snorkeling, but was afraid to go past the shallows.

Most of the time, we camped in the mountains behind the compound.

Once, we even went to Medina and camped, just for the adventure of it.

What I would give to go back, one more time.