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A Life In Parts, By: Bryan Cranston

A Life In Parts
By: Bryan Cranston
Scribner; First Edition, First Printing edition (October 11, 2016)
288 pages

I love these man-behind-the-character kind of books. Like most actors, all I have ever thought of Bryan Cranston, is who we was as a character. Tom Whatley. Hal. Walter White. Hammond Druthers. LBJ. Etc. So when I saw this book come out, I knew I would have to read it. A Life In Parts was a great outline of Cranston's background and how he became the actor he is today, from a Southern California lower-middle-class background. Heck, I found out he even almost became a cop. Of course Cranston is a Hollywood icon now, but my guess is, in his mind, he's still crossing the country somewhere on an old motorcycle. But I don't want to spoil it, I'll let you read about that yourself.

Two of my favorite quotes:

"But go ahead, get lost. It’s okay to be afraid. Being afraid can actually be a sign you’re doing something worthwhile. If I’m considering a role and it makes me nervous, but I can’t stop thinking about it—that’s often a good indication I’m onto something important. Fatherhood has been such a part. And it’s been my favorite one."

"Actors are storytellers. And storytelling is the essential human art. It’s how we understand who we are. I don’t mean to make it sound high-flown. It’s not. It’s discipline and repetition and failure and perseverance and dumb luck and blind faith and devotion. It’s showing up when you don’t feel like it, when you’re exhausted and you think you can’t go on. Transcendent moments come when you’ve laid the groundwork and you’re open to the moment. They happen when you do the work. In the end, it’s about the work."

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