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The Creative Way

The creative way of life is hard to ignore.

It can be a little messy though at times. And it helps to have an understanding spouse.

But you are either in it, or not.

You create, or you consume.

I mean, sure. Everyone dreams of greatness.

But it can't be about that.

It has to be about the work, or you will never get there.

Discipline trumps inspiration. Every. Single. Time.

"There are drafts of manuscripts spread over the floor where they slipped off the edge of the bed in the night. There is the unfinished canvas tacked to the wall and the scent of eucalyptus failing to mask the sickening smell of used turpentine and linseed oil. There are telltale drips of cadmium red staining the bathroom sink—along the edge of the baseboard—or splotches on the wall where the brush got away. One step into a living space and one can sense the centrality of work in a life. Half-empty paper coffee cups. Half-eaten deli sandwiches. An encrusted soup bowl. Here is joy and neglect. A little mescal. A little jacking off, but mostly just work."

--Patti Smith, M Train