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Reading, Then Writing?

By: Sterling Terrell

If you read and write, write and read, you know that one leads to the other.

At least it does for those of us that bend that way.

I can't count how many times I have read something and been mad.

Muttering to myself: "Why didn't I write that?"

I have thought that frequently reading Hemingway, and McCarthy, of course.

It starts with reading, and then I need to write something, just to get it all out.

"What a drug this little book is; to imbibe it is to find oneself presuming his process. I read and feel that same compulsion; the desire to possess what he has written, which can only be subdued by writing something myself. It is not mere envy but a delusional quickening in the blood. Soon abstracted, the book slips off my lap and I am off, diverted by the calloused heels of a young lad delivering loaves."

--Patti Smith, M Train