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Looking For A Persian Rug

[This is part of the series: A List of Things I Remember About Living In Saudi Arabia.]

By: Sterling Terrell

In Saudi Arabia, I remember shopping for Persian rugs.

My mom wanted this perfect rug, you see.

The prefect rug for our dining room.

The problem was it wasn't anything specific.

It was a I'll-know-it-when-I-see-it kind of rug.

The result of all this was my parents drug an impatient 5th grader to, what seemed like, every rug store in the Middle East.

I learned how to turn a rug over and count the knots per square inch on the back, and why there are intentional mistakes put into hand woven Persian rugs.

If you are curious:  It's because only Allah can make something perfect.

Today there is nothing more condescending than the smirk I make walking past rugs at the neighborhood big-box hardware store.