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You Aren't The Only One Looking For A Friend

By: Sterling Terrell

I hope you have a close friend.

Someone you have a history with.

Maybe they live across the street, or maybe across the country.

But when you see each other you pick back up like you never blinked.

See, a good friend can be such a delight.

Maybe because it's so rare.

If you don't have a relationship like that, go and find one.

I promise you someone else is out there looking too.

"I was at a pool party with some of my oldest, most-favorite friends. I’ve known them since high school, so at this point they feel more like sisters. Anyone who knew you as an adolescent and still wants to spend time with you is a true friend, and really, their opportunity to blackmail you with stories of who you kissed and photos of you in overalls is enough reason to keep them around. We don’t see each other nearly often enough, but when we do, we fall right back into familiar rhythm, like a song we’ve been singing all our lives."

--Shauna Niequist, Present Over Perfect