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Why To Save Your Energy For What Matters

By: Sterling Terrell

Let me just encourage you.

Encourage myself, maybe.

I think too often we are drawn to what is easy, rather than drawn to what matters.

It's nothing malicious.  Sometimes what matters is just hard.

While the frivolous can be eased into like a soft chair.

Being praised in your career is easier than staying up all night with a sick child.

And watching T.V. is easier than playing with your children after a long day at work.

Going to a party is certainly easier that visiting your grandparents in a nursing home.

But don't be like that!

Save your energy for what matters.

Because it will all be over in a blink.

And in the end, you will have squandered the only thing valuable you had - your time.

"The pastor loves to solve other people’s problems, but doesn’t come home with enough energy in the tank for his family’s everyday problems. The writer becomes addicted to the IV drip of blog comments and likes, while her family longs for her to close the laptop and look them in the eye. It’s easy to be more charming in a sales meeting than at witching hour, and it’s nice to feel competent at something when family life feels difficult at best. By “nice,” I mean addictive."

--Shauna Niequist, Present Over Perfect