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What Are You Know For?

By: Sterling Terrell

Maybe being tall? I'm tall.

Short? Fat? Rude?
We are all known for something, I suppose.

Our characteristics, our character, it precedes us.

I let my height precede me if I am ever meeting anyone I don't know.

I'll say: "See you at 6:00. I'll be the tallest person there."

Maybe you are hardworking? Lazy? Resilient? Empathetic?

In reality, we are know for a few good things, and a few things we know we need to improve on.

But what do we want to be know for?

Maybe that's where our focus should be.

What if character transformation was the point of it all?

"People called me tough. And capable. And they said I was someone they could count on. Those are all nice things. Kind of. But they’re not the same as loving, or kind, or joyful. I was not those things."

--Shauna Niequist, Present Over Perfect