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So You Want To Be A Trader, By: Steve Burns And Holly Burns

So You Want To Be A Trader
By: Steve Burns And Holly Burns
Stolly Media, LLC (November 28, 2015)
49 pages

This short work is simply a great place to start if you are considering a career in, or simply making a hobby of, trading. Sure there are many books that are more advanced. But if you want the basics, without all the rest of the fluff about trading, start here. Aren't we all tired of financial books that should be articles? I know I am. If you or a friend are considering getting into the trading business, this book is where to begin.

Two of my favorite quotes:

"Many traders lose a lot of money by approaching trading like it’s a hobby. In trading, making money is the goal, and must be kept at the forefront of a trader’s mind if they are to be successful. Fun and excitement in trading can be expensive entertainment. The reality is that most of the time, trading is boring. A trader must treat the market like they would any other business by utilizing discipline and great care to grow their capital and be successful."

"Trading is about math, ego control, risk management, psychology, focus, perseverance, passion, and dedication. If you are missing one, you may not make it."