Random Thoughts: #100 | SterlingTerrell.net

Random Thoughts: #100

By: Sterling Terrell

1. I prefer physical books. But digital ones are just so much more convenient to carry, highlight, and curate!

3. For most career related issues, worst case scenario is relatively not that bad. So calm down.

5. "Like idleness itself, there is a paradoxical purpose to flânerie: slow walking may seem like a waste of time to your man of business, but to the creative spirit it is a fertile activity, for it is when walking that the flâneur thinks and generates ideas...Try it. Start small: be a flâneur in your lunch hour. Mooch. Dawdle. Float. There is a highly pleasurable feeling of superiority over others and of being in control of one’s own destiny when one simply slows down the pace, and allows oneself to drift. To walk in this way is to refuse to become a victim of the city, but instead helps one to grasp it and enjoy it. You are a saint, not a sinner!"

--Tom Hodgkinson, A Loafer's Manifesto