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The Best Winston Churchill Joke

By: Sterling Terrell

I have had good luck with this joke.

Overall, people enjoy it.

This is because it meets the criteria for a manly joke

Just know your audience, and have the propriety to not repeat it in the wrong context.

And note: This is about the limit on how crude any joke should be.

I have shortened my version to:

I don't like a socialist standing too close to me in the bathroom. If they see anything big, they want to nationalize it.

"It comes, as do so many other wonderful stories, from the life of Winston Churchill. During the years when England’s political left was systematically nationalizing the nation’s industries and services, Churchill walked out of a raucous session of Parliament to use the men’s room. This was in the days when the urinal was often a long metal or porcelain trough running the length of the room. While Churchill was relieving himself, one of the leading nationalizers entered the room and began doing his business right next to Churchill. The irritated conservative moved to the far end of the trough. “Feeling a bit stand off-ish today, Winston?” the new arrival asked mockingly. “No,” growled Churchill. “But whenever you see anything big, you want to nationalize it.”"

--Stephen Mansfield, Mansfield's Book Of Manly Men