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Writing Is Not Always Pretty

News flash: Writing is not always pretty.

It's not easy either.

You fumble around and give your heart to something. You look at it for hours, for days, sometimes for months.

And when you finally show it to the world, nobody cares.

Then you write 25 words, take a picture of your foot, and everyone loves and shares it.

Sometimes you need to put clothes on, brush your teeth, and take out the trash.

Writing can be wonderful - we can at least make it seem so.

But writing is not always pretty, especially to a spouse.

"No woman should spend her first year of marriage watching her new husband pace the floor in his boxers, mumbling to himself. The writing life is only romantic on paper. The reality is, what writers write and the way they live can be as different as a lump of coal and a diamond. The written life is shined to a deceptive gloss."

--Donald Miller, Scary Close