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How To Find New Ideas

 I just read Robert Greene talking on this concept of ideas.

The whole concept of where innovation comes from...

The thing is that almost nothing happens in a vacuum.

Innovation and originality seem to come from a new way of combining completely disparate fields.

Or, it can come from taking a very old idea, and combining that idea with a present-day concept.

You could make a recipe for innovation:

1. Find an old idea.
2. Ask how the old idea applies to a completely different field.
3. Ask how the old idea applies today.
4. Combine 2 and 3 with your own point of view.
5. You have a new idea!

"Collisions are the fundamental life-giving processes of the universe. Ideas are no different. The best ideas come from collisions between newer and older ideas."

--James Altucher, Choose Yourself