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Every Writer Should Have A Cafe

By: Sterling Terrell

Everyone writes in a different place.

Some write from home, some from an office. Others write from a coffee shop, or maybe a bookstore or library.

But I believe this:  Every writer should have a go-to cafe.

Nothing unusual, just an oasis where you can get away to - a place where you are a regular.

Anything from Starbucks to a local diner will work.

It can be used as a place to grab a morning coffee, a place to take a meeting, or just as a place to sit, read, and grab a sandwich.

Your cafe, along with your writing, should be a place of motion and routine.

And above all it should inspire you.

"I stretch my legs and watch as Zak performs his morning tasks. He could not have known that I once harbored a dream of having a café of my own. I suppose it began with reading of the café life of the Beats, surrealists, and French symbolist poets. There were no cafés where I grew up but they existed within my books and flourished in my daydreams. In 1965 I had come to New York City from South Jersey just to roam around, and nothing seemed more romantic than just to sit and write poetry in a Greenwich Village café. I finally got the courage to enter Caffè Dante on MacDougal Street. Unable to afford a meal, I just drank coffee, but no one seemed to mind. The walls were covered with printed murals of the city of Florence and scenes from The Divine Comedy. The same scenes remain to this day, discolored by decades of cigarette smoke."

--Patti Smith, M Train