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Anne Lamott, Writer

By: Sterling Terrell

I like to think of myself as a bit cosmopolitan.

Born in Europe, grew up to a large extent in Saudi Arabia, went to high school in Texas, I have two graduate degrees, blah, blah, blah...

Closer to the truth, is that I am as libertarian, white, Baptist, conservative(-ish) as you can be.

And through everything I have read, Anne Lamott is as opposite of me as you can get.

I find her a complete contradiction in so many ways.

And you know what?

I love her. 

I love the way she is a mess (or has been).

I love the fact she is not like me.

I love that we share a common faith.

And I love the way she writes.

If you care about writing, do not miss her book, Bird By Bird.