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The Perfect Time Of Children

By: Sterling Terrell

Life changes.

Time changes and pushes us forward.

I know that - I mean - we all know that.

But before it does, I want to pause and remember.

I want to remember this perfect and fleeting time.

I want to cherish it and hold it for just one more second.

It is a time of little sleep and grumpy mornings.
A time of craving coffee, more so than usual.
A time of long nights and short days.
A time of naps on the weekend between noon and three.
A time of early morning weekend swimming lessons.
A time of RSV, the flu, stomach bugs, hand-foot-and-mouth, and more diapers than a man could count.

It is a time of princess dresses and foam swords.
A time of plastic toys covering the floor.
A time of washing hands, over and over again.
A time of cuddling on the couch, and rocking babies to sleep.
A time of nothing but cartoons on the TV.
A time of never ending curiosity.

It is a time of soft tears and hard tantrums.
A time of pushing the boundaries and looking for reassurance.
A time of ferocious tickling and laughing until you nearly cry.
A time of hearing your child yell "Again, again" when you can do no wrong.
A time of playgrounds, and slides.
A time of magic and beauty in everything.

It is a time of toddlers and infants.
A time of dress-up parties and dance parties.
A time of riding on daddy's shoulders, and a time of daddy being able to carry both his children around at the same time.
A time of falling asleep at the zoo, and first airplane rides.
A time of kissing bruises better.
A time of wanting nothing more than mom.

It is a perfect time.
A time I want to hold onto forever.