I Just Turned 36: Here Are 20 Things I Learned In The Last Year | SterlingTerrell.net

I Just Turned 36: Here Are 20 Things I Learned In The Last Year

By: Sterling Terrell

1. Don't just be afraid of failing at things that matter. Be terrified of winning at things that don't matter.

2. With meaning behind it, suffering becomes sacrifice.

3. A major blessing of children is that they can kill self-absorption in a parent.

4. Words are nothing. Action is everything.

5. Everything is interim.

6. Sometimes they key to winning is simply staying on the field longer.

7. Everyone needs love and affirmation. Just learn to get these the proper way.

8. Much of life is luck and chance, just be ready for it when it comes.

9. There is nothing small or of no importance in our lives.

10. Trading markets is no place to try and impress people.

11. Write what is real and emotional. That's what people want to read.

12. Purpose beats passion.

13. People do not want to be impressed. They want to feel like they are home.

14. A slow walk of two of three miles can bring clarity to so much.

15. Men really do need adventure, a quest, if you will.

16. Nothing is always boring and awful. If you think it is, you are probably just in the wrong place.

17. The success or failure of any organization is the result of the leader. Always.

18. The American west was settled in one lifetime.

19. "Less, but better" beats "more."

20. There is no secret hack. It's just lots of work.