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How To Properly Boil An Egg

By: Sterling Terrell

This post is for everyone. Everyone else who feels as ridiculous as I do.

I cannot count the number of times I have messed up a boiled egg.

I mean, come on - it should not be that hard.

You find instructions on boiling an egg somewhere, you follow the instructions explicitly, and the eggs end up awful.

Typically, the inside yellow is not fully cooked, or the shell will not peel off without half the egg-white tearing off too.

So here are the instructions on how to cook the perfect boiled egg.

Every - Single - Time.

1. Put eggs in pot of cold water.

2. Bring pot to boil, and let boil for two minutes.

3. Turn stove off, leaving pot on same burner, and cover pot.

4. Let pot sit covered for eleven minutes.

5. Run eggs under cold water.

6. Peel under cold water

7. Enjoy the perfect boiled egg.