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Children's Books Forever

By: Sterling Terrell

I am going to see if I can lose a few readers.

I will probably lose a few readers because I post a Friday book, and thus far, children's books would seem completely out of place in that list.

Well, two things.

1. I have kids and read a lot of children's books, and you need to understand this: Children's books can be fantastic.

2. This is my website, and I can post whatever I want.

With that, I hope you find a book, or two, for one of your children as I post more of these.

And if you don't have children, I hope that whatever you do, you find something that makes you wonder and question the world with the eyes of a child reading a new book for the first time.

I hope we all find in children the beauty that G.K. Chesterton did.

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