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The Great Poet Of Loafing

By: Sterling Terrell

Boy, I wish we weren't a slave to so much.

I crave that slower pace of life I once had.

Maybe the French have a better idea of it, with the 3 hour lunches and all - where you never end up going back to work.

Latin America (and the Middle-east) even has their siestas.

All I know is that I want more. And less.

More: Sleep, leisure, relationships, reading, writing, coffee, thinking.

Less: Work, meetings, emails, stress, hurry, deadlines, physical things.

Walt Whitman had it right.

"Greatness and late rising are natural bedfellows. Late rising is for the independent of mind, the individual who refuses to become a slave to work, money, ambition. In his youth, the great poet of loafing, Walt Whitman, would arrive at the offices of the newspaper where he worked at around 11.30 a.m., and leave at 12.30 for a two-hour lunch break. Another hour’s work after lunch and then it was time to hit the town."

--Tom Hodgkinson, How To Be Idle