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Are We Incalculably Precious?

We are either one of two things.

We are either nothing, or we are something.

See, I choose to believe that we are something - that we matter.

Donald Miller echoed this in his book Father Fiction. He said:

"What led me to spirituality wasn’t only my desire to be fathered—although I like the fact that I am fathered by God. But what really lead me to spiritually was a desire to believe I was human and that being human mattered."

I agree.

I choose to believe we matter.

For I am not sure how else to live this life.

"Say that we are a puff of warm breath in a very cold universe. By this kind of reckoning we are either immeasurably insignificant or we are incalculably precious and interesting."

--Marilynne Robinson, When I Was A Child I Read Books