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Writing Is About Telling The Truth

By: Sterling Terrell

I have found that this is true.

Nearly every single post I have that is a flop is a generic / anyone could have said / piece of general nonsense.

The posts that resonate are posts that tell a story, and make people say: "I feel that way too!"

Or:  "You just said what I didn't even realize I was thinking."

The problem is that telling the truth everyday gets hard.

It gets hard because it is too honest, and it often looks like work.

Telling the truth all the time makes you want to check your email and watch online videos.

"The very first thing I tell my new students on the first day of a workshop is that good writing is about telling the truth...But after a few days at the desk, telling the truth in an interesting way turns out to be about as easy and pleasurable as bathing a cat."

--Anne Lamott, Bird By Bird