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What You Live For


It is not always easy to remember the point.

The point of life itself, that is.

I mean, why do you want to be alive in the first place?

Why do any of us? It is an odd question looked at under the light.

Is life worth living?

If so, why?

Questions like this are the fundamental dilemma of our consciousness.

"Recently, a man dying of cancer asked the church elders to anoint him with oil and pray for his healing. Before we prayed, however, I asked the man a question I don’t normally ask: “Why do you want to be healed? Why do you want to stay on this earth?” The man, as well as everyone else around, seemed a bit surprised that I would ask such a blunt question. The reason I probed like this is because in the epistle of James, we are reminded that we often don’t receive the answers to our prayers because we ask for the wrong reasons: “You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly, to spend it on your passions” (James 4:3)."

--Francis Chan, Forgotten God