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This Is Why Commitment Works

Can anything be achieved before you get it into your mind to do so?

I am doubtful on this.

Anything can succeed or fail - but what is not committed to first - never even has a chance of success.

  • What business proves to be successful, before the owner swears to beat down everything that stands against it?
  • What marriage lasts, where there is a doubt of commitment in the beginning?
  • What parent shines that has not sworn devotion and love, no matter the circumstance?
  • What book gets written, before there is a line drawn to finish it?
  • What blog lasts, that is done halfheartedly?

Maybe nothing is accomplished without an internal commitment.

If you want something, anything, first you must commit yourself to it.

"There is a poem by W. N. Murray, of the Scottish Himalayan expedition, that says: “That the moment that one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.”"

--Jack Schwager, Market Wizards