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The Miracle of The Kurds, By: Stephen Mansfield

The Miracle of The Kurds
By: Stephen Mansfield
Worthy Publishing; First Edition (third printing) edition (October 14, 2014)
272 pages

The Miracle of The Kurds is, in some ways, a love story. It is one writer's encounter and experiences with a people that he has come to love. The Kurds are an ancient people, that have endured one atrocity after another. The world talks little about them, and no modern state will claim them. Yet they preserve, and flourish, in a culture that is all their own. Read this book, and fall in love with a beautiful people.

Two of my favorite quotes:

"I slowly began to understand something of what had allowed the Kurds to endure the horrendous seasons of their history. Each of them belonged to a system of human connections that had come before them and would survive them, something living and God-given and more important than any one of their lives at any one point in time."

"It was what the young writer said next, as he shook my hand at the entrance to my hotel, that has never left me. He could tell I was swimming in a million facts and a thousand bits of conversation. He wanted to cut through it all. “What you must know” he said kindly, but with piercing seriousness, “is that Kurdistan is what America wanted Iraq to be. Kurdistan is America’s reward.""