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Random Thoughts: #75

1. I hope that I age with grace, and a soft heart, made gentler with each passing year.

3. If you can run a SQL query, you are more valuable, at least in the IT world.

5. "Other people have found success after changing careers many times: Rodney Dangerfield didn’t succeed in comedy until his forties. One of the funniest guys ever, he was an aluminum siding salesman. And then he had to start his own comedy club, Dangerfield’s, in order to actually perform as a comedian. He chose himself to succeed! But not until his forties. Ray Kroc was a milkshake salesman into his fifties. Then he stumbled onto a clean restaurant that served a good hamburger run by two brothers with the last name McDonald. He bought McDonald’s when he was fifty-two."

--James Altucher, Choose Yourself