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Your Philosophy In Life

By: Sterling Terrell

Philosophy in life is essential.

Our "philosophy." Our "worldview."

Whatever you call it, we each have a way that we view the world, view our existence, and life itself.

Some ask questions to draw it out, such as:

  • Is there anything wrong with the world and our existence in it?
  • If so, what is wrong with it?
  • What, if anything, can be done to fix it?

Our answers tend to separate us all fairly quickly.

It is interesting to thing about.

So what is your philosophy?

What drives you?

These are not small questions.

"The question is, are you aware of the philosophy you have— the assumptions, beliefs, and ideas that drive your actions? Are you aware of the way those assumptions, beliefs, and ideas add up to shape your life? Can they stand exposure to the light of day?"

--Eric Greitens, Resilience