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How Travel Shapes Us

By: Sterling Terrell

Few things in life truly influence us.

Relationships are paramount. But what comes after that?

Maybe the places we go and the books we read?

I know that my travels have shaped me. They have given me a different perspective, an optic that is so easily missed by the masses. 
It is a view that I cherish.

The places I have been have also left me wanting more.

Always more.

"Travel teaches us as much about ourselves as it does about the world—it shifts our focus away from the meager challenges of every day and recalibrates our life’s vision to something broader and much more significant. One of my prevailing philosophies is that if any individual were to find out that he or she had only six days to live, all people’s final thoughts would revolve around life’s most important things: the people they’ve loved and the places they’ve explored. Nothing shapes an individual as much as these two influences."

--Geoffrey Kent, Safari