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10 Points On the ICE Cotton #2 Chart (CT) - Week Ending 10/21/2016

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1. Cotton prices are equal to the 50 day EMA.
2. Cotton prices are bullishly-above the 200 day EMA.

3. The 50 day EMA on cotton is bullishly-above the 200 day EMA.

4. On volatility for cotton, the 30 day Average True Range is sitting at 159.

5. The 30 day RSI on the price of cotton is bearish at 50

6. The MACD on cotton is short-term bullish.

7. Over the last 3 months, cotton prices have decreased approximately 500 points.

8. Over the last 12 months, cotton prices have increased approximately 600 points.

9. Since early January, the price of cotton has increased approximately 500 points.

10. The Trend:  Up.

View: Bullish.

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