Random Thoughts: #36 | SterlingTerrell.net

Random Thoughts: #36

By: Sterling Terrell

1. There are few cases in writing where the word "that" should be used. I try to avoid it when I can, but I am not always good about that.

2. The plates for chicken, and the plates for shrimp, at Pappadeaux should be larger. Just saying.

4. How can driving home after a 4 day weekend be so depressing?

5. "I no longer believe love works like a fairy tale but like farming. Most of it is just getting up early and tilling the soil and then praying for rain. But if we do the work, we just might wake up one day to find an endless field of crops rolling into the horizon. In my opinion, that’s even better than a miracle. I’d rather earn the money than win the lottery because there’s no joy in a reward unless it comes at the end of a story." 

--Donald Miller, Scary Close