Random Thoughts: #31 | SterlingTerrell.net

Random Thoughts: #31

By: Sterling Terrell

1. Can I take a day off work? Maybe once a week, just to read? I am not getting enough reading done on the weekends.

2. On that note, what is it with Europe and the 20 - 30 hour work-week?

3. "THE SADDEST THING about life is you don’t remember half of it. You don’t even remember half of half of it. Not even a tiny percentage, if you want to know the truth."

-- Donald Miller, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years

4. I am convinced that for humans solitary confinement is awful. We are made to interact with each other.

5. Everything in life is beautiful, and sad at the same time. A bittersweet feeling seems to encompass everything.