I Just Turned 35: Here Are 20 Things I Learned In The Last Year | SterlingTerrell.net

I Just Turned 35: Here Are 20 Things I Learned In The Last Year

By: Sterling Terrell

1. Love is larger than the walls that shut it in.

2. No one can degrade you. They cannot touch your soul.

3. Love is built on devotion, mission, and sacrifice - not romance and emotion.

4. Don't eat in restaurants with disgusting bathrooms.

5. Most of our complaining has to do with the abundance of our benefits.

6. Don't learn from your mistakes. Learn from other people's mistakes.

7. Certain scientific assumptions cannot be proved scientifically. For example, laws of logic, the order of the world, the reliability of our cognitive faculties, and the validity of induction.

8. I have too much stuff.

9. Work you are not passionate about is not worth doing.

10. Persistence can get you a long way.

11. Gathering knowledge without applying it is a sin.

12. Always say less than necessary.

13. Appearance matters.

14. Journeys should be planned with the destination in view. Life is no exception to this.

15. Being original means you can aggregate so well that your plagiarism is undetectable.

16. If your daughter wants to talk to you - you talk to her.

17. Every bad thing has a redemptive aspect.

18. A change in perspective will change your outlook.

19. People should chase their career dreams.

20. Character change is the point of a story. It is also the point of life.