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And The Angels Were Silent, By: Max Lucado

And The Angels Were Silent 
By: Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson (September 4, 2005)
240 pages

And the Angels Were Silent takes readers on a walk through the last week of Christ's life. What did Jesus do - what did he care about - and what was his focus - when he knew his time on earth was almost up? What would you do? What would you choose to care about? Read and be inspired by an overwhelming and undeserving grace.

One of my favorite quotes:

"You need to note that in this final prayer, Jesus prayed for you. You need to underline in red and highlight in yellow his love: “I am also praying for all people who will believe in me because of the teaching.” That is you. As Jesus stepped into the garden, you were in his prayers. As Jesus looked into heaven, you were in his vision. As Jesus dreamed of the day when we will be where he is, he saw you there."