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In Cold Blood, By: Truman Capote


In Cold Blood
By: Truman Capote
Vintage; Later Printing edition (February 1, 1994)
343 pages

I had wanted to read this book for about 15 years, and finally took the time to do it. As has been said about Hemingway. Wow - Capote could write. Capote manages to take a simple - not that interesting - story, and turn it into a classic. I mean, if you think about it, the story is not all that compelling. Two no good drifters, fresh out of prison, kill an entire family while trying to find money in their house. That's it. But Capote takes this, and he does not disappoint.

One of my favorite quotes:

I didn’t want to harm the man. I thought he was a very nice gentleman. Soft-spoken. I thought so right up to the moment I cut his throat.”