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Random Thoughts: #23

1. The more I trade, the less I like trading options.

2. Ladies at the gym: Stop your non-stop talking. It's a gym. Not a slumber party.

3. Nothing like spending Thanksgiving in the car.

4. Life is a dance toward God, I begin to think. And the dance is not so graceful as we might want.

5. Butter, ketchup, mayonnaise, Caesar dressing. What is it with toddlers and condiments?

6. Become familiar with the StoryBrand framework. It is nearly invaluable.

7. Can you get frostbite while in your cubicle at work? Because I think that happened today.

8. If anything, dogs give you an excuse to go for a walk. Walk around without one and you look nearly ridiculous.

9. Arguing is so often a waist of time.

10. Mid December, the Kummerspeck is starting to come on heavy now.