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Kummerspeck: My New Favorite Word

The holidays are winding down.

And as that is the case, I would like nothing more than to introduce you to my new favorite word - although it is not often that the holidays bring with it literary scholarship.

My new favorite word is: Kummerspeck.

Kummerspeck is a German word, and it is what happens to us all over the holidays.

Kummerspeck means: Emotional overeating.

I kid you not.

Emotional overeating.

Good grief, have I been doing a bit of that.

But don't we all.

I will get back on the healthy horse in a few days - but the snow, the pumpkin pie, the tamales, the Christmas lights, the warm drinks, and the late nights with family and friends, tends to make me nostalgic and a bit emotional.


Emotional and hungry, really.

And then the kummerspeck sets in.

In reality, kummerspeck could come from anything, a break-up, divorce, or untimely death, I suppose.

Holiday kummerspeck is obviously the best.

So raise a glass to emotional holidays and a little extra sentimental eating.

I am told kummerspeck literally translates as "grief flab." 


I love the holidays and I am ashamed of my actions at the same time.