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Random Thoughts: #20

1. Few things are more cathartic than making a cross-country road-trip - alone.

2. A 9 hour flight is too long. Especially while flying economy.

3. A 9 hour layover after a 9 hour flight is definitely too long.

4. I saw a flamingo sleeping today. It did not look comfortable.

5. Every single thing that has ever happened in your life is preparing you for a moment that is yet to come.


6. It is amazing how different culture can be within the bounds of the same country. And often, the same state.

7. Dear New Mexico: You are killing me with the "Safety Corridors." I see no virtue in them.

8. A persistent sore throat can be incredibly annoying.

9. How can the air in New Mexico manage to be even drier than West Texas?

10. Live in such a way that, when neighbors walk by your house months after you’re gone, they can’t help but blurt out something affectionate.

--George Saunders