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Random Thoughts: #19

1. Start taking family walks. It is worth it.

2. You don't have to become a mechanic, but at least learn how to change a tire and check your oil level. It will serve you well.

3. Sprouts is like the uncool version of Trader Joe's.

4. The hardest working people I have ever met have been from Sri Lanka. Mexico might be a close second.

5. Just started drinking a daily pro-biotic. That working for anyone else? Feels like I am somewhere between becoming invincible and wasting my time.

6. "Every breath is a mercy."  --Andrew Peterson

7. Hyatt Hotels is where you need to be staying. Yes (@HyattTweets) - I am available for sponsoring. And advertising.

8. Live in such a way that, when neighbors walk by your house months after you’re gone, they can’t help but blurt out something affectionate.
--George Saunders

9. Six days till Halloween, and we just turned the heater on for the fist time. I guess we missed fall this year.

10. I do not understand Halloween. It simply eludes me.