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Random Thoughts: #18

1. Producers: Hedge your crop. Quit relying totally on crop insurance.
2. Santa was born in - what is now - Turkey. Who knew.

3. “What is originality? Undetected plagiarism.” —William Ralph Inge

4. Travel is the best test of compatibility there is—especially when you and your companion are both thrill-seekers. —Geoffrey Kent

5. Volatility and risk management should determine everything in your trading. Everything.

6. Some of my best mentors have passed away, for you can not keep me from their ideas. All I have to do is read their books.

7. You have no idea what prices are going to do in the future. Stop acting like you do.

8. I do not dance. I just don't get it. (Except with my daughter.)

9. If you want to know someone’s heart, observe that person’s final journey. —Max Lucado

10. "Why do writers write? Because they can't not write." I heard that quote again this week. It is so true.