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Mentors: And The Importance of Reading Books

Everyone says you should get a mentor.

They could not be more right!

But where do you find one?

A great mentor can help you in your personal life, help you in your relationships, and help you in your career.

I have, in fact, had many mentors over the years.

Unfortunately - most of them are dead.

I said that right: Most of my mentors are dead.

The thing is: None of them have died recently.

In reality, most have been dead for decades, some have even been gone for centuries.

- The apostle Paul has mentored me on proper living and faith.
- Ernest Hemingway and Mark Twain have mentored me on writing.
- Plato and Aristotle have mentored me on logic.
- Bastiat, Mises, Hayek, Sowell and countless others have mentored me on economics.
- Richard Dennis has mentored me on trading.
- Booker T. Washington has mentored me on hard work.
- And Corrie Ten Boom has mentored me on forgiveness.

You see, all of these people had their ideas recorded in some way.

Most wrote books. Some had their ideas passed along in books by others.

But, anytime I wish, I can look back and take their advice.

Even they cannot keep me from their words of wisdom.

All I have to do is find their book.

So, how do you find a mentor?

I say picking up a book is a good place to start.