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How To Live a Better Life: 3 Things To Say More Often

Sure, our voice, our attitude, and our actions are filled with things that you should not have said.

I start off tired and grumpy with my wife for no reason - and suddenly I regret something that I have said in a momentary quip.

Everyone's life is filled with these kinds of things.

But what should we be saying?

What encourages, uplifts, forgives, and edifies that we could use more in our daily lives?

Here are 3 that can get us started:

1.  I love you.
I don't even know you and I know you need to be telling the people that you care about that you love them more often. Life is short and relationships are about all that lasts. I mean, what is life without the people you love?  God even describes himself that way. Life without love is just stuff - and in the end - who cares about that?

2.  I am sorry.
Stop. Step back. Listen to what you just said, or how you just acted. Listen to your tone. Realize that what you say and how you act has a huge influence of those that you are around. Most of the time we just stop, regret our actions in our head, but never say anything. Learning to say "I am sorry" can so easily restore much that has been broken. If anything, it shows you care about more than yourself.

3.  I tried.
You want to be a trader? A writer?  Start your own business? Live overseas? Feel called to change careers, but are dragging your feet? Go do it! At least try! There is no dress-rehearsal in life. This is it! Don't watch the end of your life coming while you always wish you had given something a go. Get out there and do it! You may succeed. You may fail. But, no matter, I promise you will discover a piece of yourself in the process.

What other things do you need to say more often?