Random Thoughts: #17 | SterlingTerrell.net

Random Thoughts: #17

By: Sterling Terrell

1. "Why?" and "Compared to what?" are great questions to ask.

2. I read that 21,978 times 4 reverses the order of the numbers to 87,912. Not sure how that is useful.

3. Sometimes I am not sure if I need to go to the chiropractor - or, if I am just getting older.

4. "Everyone has an Eden, a perfect world lost when they were small." --Rich Cohen

5. I can think of almost no examples of an overnight success. Everyone I encounter and read about did their craft in obscurity - for the fun of it - for years, sometime decades, before they were suddenly "an overnight success."

6. Drink more green tea.

7. I crave learning from non-fatal failures.

8. What footing do morals have outside of theism?

9. Sometimes the difference between being resourceful and non-resourceful is a good night sleep. --Michael Hyatt

10. A job I could not wear blue jeans to is nearly undoable for me.