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Random Thoughts: #14


By: Sterling Terrell

1. Little bit of hippie. Little bit of culture. I could live in Santa Fe. 

2. A $20 per week @DunkinDonuts allowance is now part of all my employment negotiations.

3. I have spent around 3 hours a day commuting. I have also spent less that 10 minutes a day commuting. The latter was better. I will probably never have much of a commute again.

4. I have read his autobiography Seven Pillars of Wisdom, but I want to read more on T.E. Lawrence. Someone remind me to do that later.

5. Family can be wonderful. And infuriating.

6. How can some people not know how to swim? I don't get it.

7. You would be surprised how far being disciplined and consistent about something can get you.

8. I finally read In Cold Blood. Truman Capote could write.

9. If you have a job. Make a LinkedIn profile. A formal CV, or resume, is a thing of the past. Almost.

10. Books on Kindle are keyword searchable. And the creatives rejoice.

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