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Six Hours One Friday, By: Max Lucado

Six Hours One Friday
By: Max Lucado
Thomas Nelson; Reprint edition (December 31, 2012)
240 pages

In Six Hours One Friday, Lucado artfully explains through scripture and personal stories what Christianity offers through Christ death on the cross. He points to three things that seem to tug at our heart as the years go by: My life is not futile. My failures are not fatal. My death is not final. Thank goodness.

One of my favorite quotes:

"When my oldest daughter, Jenna, was not quite four years old, she came to me with a confession. “Daddy, I took a crayon and drew on the wall.” (Kids amaze me with their honesty.) I sat down and lifted her up into my lap and tried to be wise. “Is that a good thing to do?” I asked her. “No.” “What does Daddy do when you write on the wall?” “You spank me.” “What do you think Daddy should do this time?” “Love.” Don’t we all want that? Don’t we all long for a father who, even though our mistakes are written all over the wall, will love us anyway? Don’t we want a father who cares for us in spite of our failures?"

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