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Lake Effect, By: Rich Cohen


Lake Effect
By: Rich Cohen
Vintage (April 8, 2003)
224 pages

Have you ever fallen in love? Probably so. But if you think back - your first love was probably not your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or  husband. If you think back, your first love was probably your best friend - that best friend that you look up to, you always want to be around, and you are with as you both walk into adulthood. This is that story. Reading, you are entertained by Cohen's youth as you reflect on your own.

One of my favorite quotes:

"Some old guy bought us a drink. He was alone and full of talk. “You boys are damn young,” he said, “so I just hope your generation is better than mine. My generation has done nothing. We did not survive a depression or win a war, we did not lose a war or go on pilgrimage, we did not immigrate or emigrate. Our lives have been just a collection of aimless conversations in smoky bars.” He thought for a moment, then said, “Just like this one.”

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