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9 Rules on How to Become a Trader

By: Sterling Terrell

Want to be a trader?  Or, more importantly - a profitable trader?

Great. Here it is.

Follow these rules:

Don't bet against the market - it will crush you.

If a trade is going against you - you get out.

Do not be afraid to take a loss though. Just keep your losses small.

The only people trading in only one asset should be those that are hedging.

Repeat after me. Emotional trading is bad. Your gut is not a trading system.

Do not let go of winning trades too soon.

Let go of losing trades at your defined loss point.

Know how much equity you need to trade in a specific market. Over-leveraging is to be avoided.

This is the key to a rational trading system. Make gains bigger than losses and keep an eye on your winning percentage.

Now go trade.